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This is how we do it:


It starts with a Business Structure Integrity Analysis. After filling out a short survey, you meet with one of our top analysts. In the meeting, you isolate the key points that are creating overloads on your lines and are holding back your growth. 

We look at your organizational structure and how your business is put together. This is an eye opener for many business owners! 


The analyst will give you a written copy of your Business Structure Integrity Report (BSIR) that lays out the analysis AND suggestions from our analyst on what you can do about the points found.


We could charge for this, but we don't.  This is our contribution to the business community. We are in this together and we must support each other. Our help is yours!  


If you decide to take us on (and we would be honored to work with you!), we will propose a tailored Business Acceleration Program to deal with the points isolated in our original meeting. The magic is in the sequence of implementation. 

We always start with a deep dive analysis of your business to completely understand how it operates. "If it ain't broken, we ain't gonna fix it!"  

We establish a comprehensive strategic and tactical plan to address what needs to be addressed. You approve it and we get to work!



Through one-on-one coaching calls and when possible, in-person meetings with your executives, we implement the changes according to the strategic and tactical plans. These range from:

- re-organizing your business structure to free up the bottlenecks,

- hire missing staff, 

- getting rid of toxic influences. Yes! This happens sometimes, 

- writing up and implementing job descriptions and policies so all operate on the same     


- implementing specific Key Production Indicators (we call these statistics) to clearly

   understand what is going on in your company. Managing by gut feeling is horrible!  

- posting and/or training executives in the art of leadership and dealing with subordinates.

We also provide on-line courses, as well as in-house training for you and your staff. 

The bottom line is that we have many tools at our disposal to create for you a streamlined and efficient organization.  



We keep your briefed regularly on what we do and we work in tight coordination with your business goals and targets to make sure that the establishment actions we take result in increased productivity and profitability. 


You get an alignment of vectors. Tremendous power is generated this way without you having to bear the brunt of the work. 


Having us on board is like having an HR Department on steroids!  

We invite you to take the next step and book your FREE

Business Structure Integrity Analysis 

The people behind RPM Consulting:


Philippe Dubreuil, Owner

Philippe Dubreuil

Executive Director

Dreams and aspiration are plenty in this world! And so are broken dreams and people who have given up on a bright future...

What is needed are the proper tools to achieve your dreams and aspirations!

YES! Hard work is a top requirement but I object to working yourself half to death, giving up on family and a good life/work balance because you do not have the right tools to control your growth and achieve your goals!!

My passion: Helping others succeed!

Doing an on-line course should not be just about getting a few tidbits that will help. Getting an education is more than that!

It is working with someone in putting in action what you learned and seeing the RESULTS!

That is what this is all about! YOUR business, YOUR dreams, YOUR life, YOU!



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Cell: 416-559-9063 Office: (519) 622-3055

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