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Management Consulting 

Simple. Workable. Business Solutions.


What will it take to...

  • work ON your business, not IN it?

  • build a team that works WITH you ?

  • realize your GOALS and VISION?

  • create financial STABILITY?


It takes hard work and dedication. I also takes...

The knowledge and skills to build your company on the FOUR organizational pillars: 


 The RIGHT personnel

HR and Personnel Word Cloud.jpeg


A DRIVEN leadership and management team


A SOUND organizational structure

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EFFICIENT financial control 

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Here is how we do it

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At Results and Productivity Management Consulting, we understand that your business is UNIQUE. It has individual needs and so do you! 

For this reason, we take an approach tailored to your needs. 

While someone might need assistance with managing their cash-flow, another business owner might need help with hiring the right staff or developing processes and policies. Or you might need to establish a layer of junior executives to handle the day-to-day operations while you can focus on creating the future of your company. 

A cookie-cutter approach will not work well. 

Therefore, the first step is to do a full analysis of your business structure against the four organizational pillars. We then arm you and your team with the strategy and tools you need to take your business to the next level.

We invite you to take the next step and book your FREE
Business Structure Integrity Analysis 

The people behind RPM Consulting:


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Philippe Dubreuil

Executive Director

Dreams and aspiration are plenty in this world! And so are broken dreams and people who have given up on a bright future...

What is needed are the proper tools to achieve your dreams and aspirations!

YES! Hard work is a top requirement but I object to working yourself half to death, giving up on family and a good life/work balance because you do not have the right tools to control your growth and achieve your goals!!

My passion: Helping others succeed!

Doing an on-line course should not be just about getting a few tidbits that will help. Getting an education is more than that!

It is working with someone in putting in action what you learned and seeing the RESULTS!

That is what this is all about! YOUR business, YOUR dreams, YOUR life, YOU!



Over the phone or online


Cell: 416-559-9063 Office: (519) 622-3055

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