Your Staff... friends or enemies?

Your HR dept can be what shoots you to the top or the department that is going to bring you and your company down.

You want staff that contributes to your business? You want a team that you can trust and depend on for support? You probably started your business to enjoy the freedom of being your own boss, right?

I have been looking for ways to build teams that provide you the help and support you need to give you the freedom you wanted to enjoy when you started your business. Okay, I can already see some you say: “Right? And I have heard that pigs fly!”

I can understand the sarcasm. The hiring arena -and yes, I say arena – is heavily geared towards employees. In some job markets, the competition is fierce, and you feel that you can’t really compete with what big companies or governments offer.

All is not lost and do not despair! There is a system I have found that works well in finding, hiring, on-boarding AND keeping great and contributive staff. It requires work, it is not easy, BUT it can be DONE!

I am sorry to tell you, but the problem is NOT out there, it is for most of you, INTERNAL. And this, I can help you with.  

Are you ready for a change? Are you ready to get the team that will help you to materialize your goals? Are your ready to for success?

It starts here by taking this survey to establish what are the good and not so good aspect of your human resource department.


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