Are you running your business

or is it running you? 

How well do you know your management tools?

Just like a tradesperson uses specific and precise tools to produce a result, so does a manager uses specific tools to guide, control and grow a business. 

These tools number 20 in all. Without being expert in their use, you might find yourself at the mercy of the various economic trends, bad staff, government regulations, you name it!


We will train and coach you on the use of these tools so you have the means to create the business you always envisioned. 

What are the qualities of a good executive and leader? 

Being an executive is probably one of the most thankless job there is. But a group must be lead, and the staff must be coordinated and gotten productive for your business to be profitable. How does one do it? The tyrant approach results in many staff turnover and the remainder in constant fear. Not very workable! The worker-oriented executive ends up bleeding the business and collapsing it.  

Leadership and successfully holding an executive position are not easy but can be done.


We specialize in making executives and people who can get people to get things done. The qualities and functions relating to executive positions can be learned and therefore greatly reduce your load by getting others to handle their part of the action. I invite you find out more about our executive training line-up.


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