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How good a leader are you?

Many clients ask me: “Am I a good leader?” This has happened so much that I decided to write something about it!

Leadership is a skill, it can be learned. Some have a innate understanding of it so it appears that they are born with the “leadership” gene. Well, there is some good news for the rest of us!

Here is a quiz you can take right now to see how much you measure up to the qualities that makeup leadership:

1. Do you have clearly laid out strategic and tactical plans for your business?

2. Have your staff been briefed on the parts relevant to their position?

3. Do you have less than 5 direct juniors reporting to you?

4. Do you have an open door policy where staff are welcome discuss aspects of their job

and is it used by them?

5. Are you rarely or never finding yourself doing the work of some junior staff of yours?

6. Do you spend time to regularly review the productivity of your business against

specific statistics?

7. Do you regularly do staff performance reviews?

8. Does you staff know what are your current priorities?

9. Are your staff usually fast at executing your orders and require little follow up?

10. Is your staff enthusiastic and motivated to work?

11. Are the programs you are running with your staff popular? Do they like them?

12. Are the orders you are giving positive?

13. Do you have regular staff meetings where you brief your staff on your goals, programs

and targets?

14. There are no toxic or negative staff in your team.

If you have answered to yes all of the above then you are a great leader, keep it up!

If you have between 9 and 13 yeses then you are a fairly good leader. There is still room for improvement!

If you have answered between 5 and 8 yeses then you could definitely improve on your leadership skills. Being a better leader has its rewards! A smoother, happier and more productive team!

If you have answered less than 5 yeses... life must be pretty miserable in terms of dealing with your staff and you are probably wondering why you are working with people in the first place. I cant blame you!

There are many factors that go with being a good leader. Some of them are having a clear strategy for your business; having a clear concept of where your business is at through management by stats; your ability to communicate with your staff is another; surrounding yourself with GOOD staff; etc...

I can help you with these and developing excellent leadership skills that get you more in control of your business.

Contact me to find out how!


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