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Are you ready to ride the tidal wave?

A tidal wave is a force of nature that will destroy everything in its path. If you have ever witnessed one, you know what I am talking about!

The demand for a product or service when increased drastically may be compared to a tidal wave. Example:

A landscape company delivering a great service finds itself hammered by demands for landscaping contracts. The owner is already loaded with handling the crews, dispatching, doing the estimates and sales. What do you think with happen when the volume increases by 50%?

You got it!

- Estimates not being done,

- Delays in completing the contracts,

- Invoices not being sent,

- Staff slacking off and not showing up,

- Calls not being answered,

- Upset clients,

- bad reviews and word of mouth

- Lost business; I could go on.

What happened? This how an organization collapses - the aftermath of a tidal wave.

This doesn't have to be this way. A strong organizational structure will sustain the growing demand for your services, adapt to the increasing pressure, handle the weak points while maintain a high level of standards.

What makes up a strong organizational structure?

A good model for building your company structure is contained in the 6 elements:

  1. A clear statement of what services or products the company is delivering to its clients in exchange for the money it receives -- all the way down to each staff and all aligned.

  2. An organizational structure built for scaling up with clear assignment of posts and duties required for production to easily flow through and the Valuable Final Products to be delivered (#1 above). A "loosey goosey" structure will work at a low level but as you grow, the need of more clearly defined structure is needed to maintain efficiency.

  3. A system to track the Key Performance Indicators (Statistics) in the company. Without those, you are literally flying blind. It is important to understand statistics but also how to USE them for management purposes. Without these you are called to make decisions on gut feeling and intuition which are both incredible stress-builders.

  4. An organization passes through various conditions of operations. Knowing what these are and what actions to take depending of the condition your company is in is vital keep an organization growing.

  5. Communication is the life blood of an organization. You can trace any areas of overloads, or emergencies to a failure to originate, handle or answer communications either internally or externally or both! Without communication you have individuals, not a team.

  6. Finance is the last element. Money flow in and out of an organization. You need to have a clear understanding of how money flows through your business. knowing how to direct the flow of money in and out of the organization to reinforce affluences and deal with emergencies is vital.

The above 6 points comprise the Model of Admin Know-How. Knowing how to use these 6 elements, you will not only be able to withstand a tidal wave but control its power and use it to further your expansion and growth!

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