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Delegation, Automation, and Time Management

As a leader, it can be easy to get overwhelmed by the mountains of tasks and responsibilities that must be dealt with daily. Knowing where to turn for help in this kind of position is hard. It can be difficult to determine which tasks can be delegated to a team member or streamlined through automation. Luckily, that’s where RPM can help. Through our management consulting and training, we help create a strategy that optimizes processes before they create too much stress to do so. In this blog, we’ll discuss delegation and automation, and how each can be implemented to use time more efficiently.


Leadership positions come with a lot of pressure and obligations. You may have difficulty delegating tasks you feel only you can do best or don’t know who has the expertise for. However, by getting to know your team and building trust with them, you will find that other team members are just as capable, and may even have more expertise in certain areas. Asking for help is not a sign of weakness, but a sign of strength, and it may even create better results!

We use an assessment called the “Staff Engagement Level Checklist” to determine who is best suited for delegation of tasks. Here is the link: Click here to access the checklist This checklist is one of the tools we use in our Personnel Engagement Booster Program.

RPM’s management consulting and training can help you better organize your team so that you know the best people to delegate certain tasks to, allowing processes to run more smoothly and efficiently. Once you are set up with this structure, you’ll also feel comfortable making delegation decisions in the future! Delegation allows you to focus on the tasks that really require your attention and puts your business on the path to success.


While your team is a valuable asset for time management, technology can be useful, as well. Automation technology is abundant these days. However, it requires you to find the one that works best for your workflow and get the processes set up. Once you are already overwhelmed by your workload, it can seem impossible to set aside the time to do these tasks – no matter the time, it will end up saving!

RPM can help you figure out which tasks can be streamlined through automation and how you can integrate it into your work structure. Rather than looking for tasks that others may have expertise with to delegate, the best tasks to automate are often those that are repetitive and time-consuming. Automating these tasks leaves you more time to deal with more complex duties and can even help eliminate human error!

Delegation and automation are great tools to work into your organizational structure, but only if you know how to implement them. Luckily, RPM is here to help! Sign up for our next free webinar today!



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