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Hire for happiness

Recent researches have found that having employees who can contribute to the happiness of others (and this includes you!), have an edge in today’s very competitive business arena.


Find out how and compare your current staff scene to this very down-to-earth and practical e-book.

I am very happy and excited to announce that I have joined forces with Hirebox ( to bring you one of the most advanced and effective hiring systems existing today!

We all know that having the RIGHT staff supporting you is key to your success. How do you find them and… given the current job market, how do you keep them?

The answer is in the Hirebox Hiring system described below. I invite you to check us out and call us for a free analysis of your hiring lines.

Why should you assess your applicants before hiring them?

You want to assess your applicants for the soft skills you need before you get them on-board. Frankly, it is all fun and games until the “honeymoon is over”, then you get to see who you really hired. Our personnel assessment will deliver that so you can gauge what your applicants are really like.


According to the Wall Street journal, you can drop your staff turnover rate from 41% to 12% using pre-hire assessment.  

The hiring process is riddled of pitfalls that you must know and understand in order to avoid costly mistakes.

Unfortunately, the odds are stacked against in the employers in the legal arena when it comes to employee rights.

Further, with the job market currently being mainly applicant-driven, you need and edge to ATTACT the right employee.

The Hire-Master training program delivers just that!

Learn the tools and procedures to attract the right employees and proof yourself and your business against the bad apples.

Find out here how your Human Resource Department measure up!

We offer a free analysis of your HR Department with a full report on what you can do to improve on the points needing to be addressed and re-enforce your strong points.

It is a great opportunity to get to know each other and for you to get an exterior point of view of your HR Department.

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