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Did you ever feel like hiring was like buying a lottery ticket?

The big challenge in the hiring game is trying to get the RIGHT staff in the midst of an avalanche of applications.

I had a client who put an ad for a clinical assistant with precise requirements (skills & training). She was floored when applications came in with individuals who were trained in such fields as auto mechanics, computer programming and early childhood education.

Did these people even read the ad?

To put it simply: NO. Or more accurately, they read the first few words and then applied in the hope of possibly getting in. These are definitely not the individuals you are looking for!

I tell my clients that there are certain realities that go with playing the hiring game:

1. You are sending a message to the general population.

2. This population is composed of many people: the great, the worst, the desperate,

the hopeful, the dreamer and the list goes on...

3. If you send a communication, someone will reply (and most of the replies will not be

from qualified applicants.

4. Hiring requires patience, tolerance and a willingness to receive any kind of

communications. Be ready to be entertained!

5. Getting upset by applicants who have absolutely no qualifications for the position will

only result in you not wanting to see more applications and possibly result in missing

right ones.

6. There are great qualified people out there who are looking for a position just like the

you are offering.

There is a way to get your message across and reach TOP players. These people will respond to a very specific message. They have exact needs. That message will be read by many people but will resonate with high performance individual.

When you know what you are looking for, you can sift through all the fluff and isolate the diamonds.

I have developed a short course that will teach you how and where to put an ad that will draw TOP players and I invite you to take it. Hiring doesn't have to feel like playing the lottery.

Click here to find more about the course:


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